Saturday, November 11, 2006

New 3.2.0 version of PHP DataGrid

New 3.2.0 version of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from now.

This version changes:
 - Added:
  -- ability to define array of page sizes
  -- case sensitivity (filtering mode)
  -- ability to define search field to be a dropdown box (filtering mode)
  -- ability to add optional column in datagrid by editing SELECT SQL statement
  -- new css template (default)
  -- ability to define column data to be a link on edit mode page
  ("linktoview" in setColumnsInViewMode())
 - Improved:
  -- setModes()
  -- css class "default"
  -- working with $_REQUEST vars
 - Fixed bugs:
  -- in filtering mode
  -- in tabular layout drawing
  -- in columnar layout drawing
  -- in paging after search
  -- empty table bug

Remember! This is not an update version. If you use old version of PHP DataGrid - you need to reinstall it (see here how you do it).

To download a new version click here.
To see Live Demo click here.