Saturday, September 27, 2008

New version 4.2.8 of PHP DataGrid

The new version 4.2.8 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

There are some changes in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

From Version 4.2.4 PHP DataGrid works with PHP 5 ONLY!!! If you still use PHP 4 - find old version in "php4" folder

Main additions and improvements:

1. * Feature: [added] russian translation (ru_utf8). Provided by: Ivan Borzenkov
2. * Feature: [added] French translation for JS AFV. Provided by: Abel MILCENT
3. * Feature: [added] new attribute for images: "magnify"=>"true" - magnify image on museover event.
4. * Feature: [added] new field tyoe in View Mode: linktodelete. Suggested by v.svetoslavov

1. = Feature: [improved] removed unnecessary including some javascript files
2. = Feature: [improved] changed default parameters in GetFieldProperty() method
3. = Feature: [improved] changed empty date/datetime values in details mode on empty strings
4. = Feature: [improved] changed draw_add_button_separately not documented property on
"show_add_button"=>"inside|outside" attribute in SetModes()

1. # Bug: [fixed] cashing files after downloading exporting file in FF and Opera
suggested by ivan
2. # Bug: [fixed] on drawing foreign key dropdown box
3. # Bug: [fixed] on drawing background for
4. # Bug: [fixed] on drawing enum dropdown boxes in oracle (suggested by Sriharan)
5. # Bug: [fixed] on drawing foreign key field in oracle (suggested by Sriharan)
6. # Bug: [fixed] on getting remote file content
7. # Bug: [fixed] on entering quotes is filtering fields
8. # Bug: [fixed] F5 button refresh click
9. # Bug: [fixed] Added JavaScript unicose simbols to alerts messages in language files
example of codes in languages/README.txt
10. # Bug: [fixed] Fixed errors on W3C validation (solution suggested by Vincent Cadet )

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.