Thursday, March 29, 2018

How To Responsively Rearrange DIV Elements With CSS?

Here is a small, but useful trick that can help you. when you want to change order of elements on the page on mobile devices. Of course, it may be used for any other purposes.

First of all, you have to specify a container:
<div class="row order_container">

Secondly, define inner elements with appropriate classes:
<div class="row order_container">
 <div class="col-md-6">DIV #1</div>
 <div class="col-md-6">DIV #2<>
As you can see the default order is following: DIV #1 and then DIV #2 But how can we change this order on mobile devices? It's simple. Add for each element class for order and define its as following:
@media screen and (max-width: 786px) {
 .order_container { display: flex; flex-flow: column; }
 .order4 { order: 4; }
 .order3 { order: 3; }
 .order2 { order: 2; }
 .order1 { order: 1; }

<div class="row order_container">
 <div class="col-md-6 order2">DIV #1</div>
 <div class="col-md-6 order1">DIV #2<>
Now in mobile the order of elements will be following: DIV #2 and then DIV #1

Saturday, March 24, 2018

New version 2.9.2 of ApPHP Directy CMF has been released

We're happy to announce that new version 2.9.2 of ApPHP Directy CMF has been released. ApPHP Directy CMF is an open-source content management framework (CMF), built on ApPHP MVC Framework that provides a basic functionality required for creating websites and publishing web content. There are many changes and improvements in this version, including new responsive template.

  • New added possibility to site owner to see / clear errorlog file content via dashboard
  • New added possibility to update currency rates from Google services
  • New added new type of CSRF tokens "multipages", that allows to generate tokens for separate pages
  • Enh minimum requirements for PHP is defined as 5.3.0
  • Enh button Delete Test Data disappears after 30 days from installation elapsed
  • Enh improved modules installation procedure
  • Enh payment providers and Currencies Management moved to separate menu Payment Settings
  • Fix bugs fixed
 You can review all recent changes here.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

The Top 5 Open Source Hotel Booking Engine Software

1. Solidres

This 100% free and open source hotel booking software is made for Joomla and WordPress, and promises the advantages of customizability and flexibility.

Price: free / $89 - $499 / one-time payment

2. KWHotel

KWHotel is hotel management software that offers three versions: pro, standard, and free. KWHotel Free can only be used on a single workstation and is intended for small operations. In February 2017, the company announced that they had released the new KWHotel Booking Engine, which applies to all versions. 

Price: free / Starting from $60 - $100 and above / per year

3. Online Hotel Booking System Pro

This is the pro version of Online Hotel Booking System. Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature. Online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.
Price: $249 / one-time payment

4. PHPTravels

One of the most cutting-edge online booking solutions on the market. Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop users enjoy a fully tailored experience while browsing our travel portal. we boast your travel business with our technology.

Price: $500 / one-time payment

5. uHotelBooking

uHotelBooking is a powerful hotel management and online booking/reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium sized hotels, holiday flats or guesthouses. Our hotel reservation system allows you to start online reservations and customer management in minutes. It has been specially designed to simplify the task of hotel booking online.

Administrator can manage room types, hotel rates and booking options. Powerful administrator panel and online reservation manager at the back-end includes invoices and reports functionality. 

Price: Starting from $99 and above / one-time payment