Wednesday, May 09, 2018

New Trade-In Module was published for uAutoDealers script

We're happy to announce that New Trade-In Module was published for uAutoDealers script.

Trade-In Module provides admin with functionality of trade-in, that means customers can sell their old cars, before they purchase new. This module provides an easy way to add Trade-In functionality to your website. With just a few clicks, you get the best buy-back offer for a vehicle trade-in. All dealers will work from a single platform accessible from any place. You could use this script both as Car Dealers and Classifieds System. Our script allows you to easily manage the entire vehicle trade-in process. You can automate various stages such as the vehicle status change or even the generating and sending of documents (purchase orders, purchase slips, agreements, etc.).

The process of trade in consists from simple and easy steps:
  1. Enter the trade-in vehicle.
    With user-friendly, comprehensive interface you could quickly enter all details of your vehicle.
  2. Target and post vehicle.
    Share and send information to all dealers, select by criteria (specialities, location, etc.) or just select those you wish to work with.
  3. Confirm trade-in.
    Now dealer that was selected will receive confirmation by email. The dealer can commit to trade-in the vehicle under the proposed terms.
  4. Select and offer.
    You will receive several trade-in offers for the vehicle. Choose the most attractive for you and offer it to your customer.
Click to get more information: Trade-In Module