Monday, May 15, 2017

New snippets published - check it now!

We've published new useful snippets on our website.
You may check them now.

This is a collection of snippets that are really useful for Web developers. If you know any code snippet you may post/share it for others here: Post a Snippet. The most popular of them will be added to this list. We keep adding the new snippets all the time! 

PHP Code Snippets:
WhoIs Query in PHP
Calculate Full Size of Directory

JavaScript Code Snippets:
Blocking Right-Click
Display Random Quotes

CSS Snippets:
Align Backgroud Image with Offset
Non-Transparent Inside Transparent Elements

HTML Snippets: 
Post Data to iFrame
HTML5 Article Structure

MySQL Snippets:  
Insert/Update if Key Already Exists
Random Record Based on Weight

,htaccess Snippets:   
Prevent Access to a Specific Files
Force www./no-www.