Friday, December 21, 2007

The new version 4.2.2 of PHP DataGrid! Last in 2007 year!

Dear friends of PHP DataGrid! This is the last version in 2007 year. I hope you have a fun with this cool script, that becomes more and more advanced (thanks for your efforts :)) I want to wish you and your family excellent financial and professional achievements in 2008. Thank again for all! See you next year here!

The new version 4.2.2 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

There are some changes in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

Main additions and improvements:

1. * Feature: [added] new attributes for fields in view mode "tooltip" and "tooltip_type"
2. * Feature: [added] export to PDF (Provided by
3 * Feature: [added] new language (pb) Brazilian Portuguese. Provided by Julio Formiga (
4. * Feature: [added] new attributes for fields in view/add/edit/details modes "visible"
5. * Feature: [added] cool DHTML/JavaScript Calendar (Provided by stephane.dekeyzer)
6. * Feature: [added] new attributes for date/time fields in add/edit mode "calendar_type"=>"popup|floating"
7. * Feature: [added] new icon in Control Panel - Refresh Pages (Provided by stephane.dekeyzer)

1. = Feature: [improved] fileAction() renamed in formAction() and placed in dg.js
2. = Feature: [improved] language files
3. = Feature: [improved] added security checking for arguments in download.php
4. = Feature: [improved] css style outputted in separated *.css files
5. = Feature: [improved] added [Clear] option for date/time field types

1. # Bug: [fixed] first letter upper case for header names
2. # Bug: [fixed] with LIMIT for Oracle and MSSQL in setSqlByDbType() method
3. # Bug: [fixed] with "title" attribute in view mode for links and linkbuttons
4. # Bug: [fixed] WYSIWYG doesn't work in Safari - added automatic detecting
and redefining textarea as simple type
5. # Bug: [fixed] in delete operation in edit mode
6. # Bug: [fixed] in listbox with multiple selection while uploading file or image
7. # Bug: [fixed] in debug mode in selectSQL() and executeSql() methods
8. # Bug: [fixed] sorting by date. Solution: using "sort_by" attribute, for sorting by needed field
9. # Bug: [fixed] with strtolower function for non-english letters
10. # Bug: [fixed] missing id attribute in some fields
11. # Bug: [fixed] error in FireFox on pagination event when more then 1 datagrid displayed om the screen
12. # Bug: [fixed] error on filtering when more then 1 datagrid displayed om the screen
13. # Bug: [fixed] in Firefox popup for "time" type field doesn't work
14. # Bug: [fixed] for non-numeric primary keys in multirow view
15. # Bug: [fixed] in setAutoColumnsInView/EditMode
16. # Bug: [fixed] with definition of "resizable" attribute for textarea
17. # Bug: [fixed] in getLcaseFooByDbType() method for pgsql
18. # Bug: [fixed] FF error: delete button (image) in edit mode wrong alignment


To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.