Monday, July 31, 2006


PHP DataGrid - Step by Step.

NEW INSTALLATION (for version 3.x.x or above)

Step 1.

Upload the code_template.php file and folder named "datagrid" (with all files it includes) to your document root (public_html, www, htdocs etc.) using FTP.

For example:

Step 2.

Using phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user,
and assign that user to the database. Write down the name of the database,
username, and password for this database for the database installation

Create all appropriate database tables.

Step 3.

Open code_template.php file, uncomment these 4 lines and change variable
values on yours (saved on step 3).

// $DB_USER='name'; /* usually like this: prefix_name */
// $DB_PASS=''; /* must be already enscrypted (recommended) */
// $DB_HOST='localhost'; /* usually localhost */
// $DB_NAME='dbName'; /* usually like this: prefix_dbName */

Step 4.

Rename code_template.php file according to your needs.

Congradulations, you have PHP DataGrid Installed now!

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