Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Installation (v.4.0.0 or above)

PHP DataGrid - Step by Step.

NEW INSTALLATION (for version 4.0.0 or above)
A new installation of PHP DataGrid is a very straight forward process:

Step 1.

Uncompress the PHP DataGrid version 4.x.x script archive.
The archive will create a directory called "datagrid_4_x_x"

Step 2.

Upload content of this folder (all files and directories it includes)
to your document root (public_html, www, htdocs etc.) using FTP.

For example:

Step 3.

Using phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user,
and assign that user to the database. Write down the name of the database,
username, and password for the database installation procedure.

Create all appropriate database tables.

Step 4.

Open code_template.php file, uncomment these 4 lines and change variable
values on yours (saved on step 3).

// $DB_USER='name'; /* usually like this: prefix_name */
// $DB_PASS=''; /* must be already enscrypted (recommended) */
// $DB_HOST='localhost'; /* usually localhost */
// $DB_NAME='dbName'; /* usually like this: prefix_dbName */

Define a relative path to datagrid.class.php file and "pear" directory
(relatively to the code_template.php file).

// define ("DATAGRID_DIR", ""); /* Ex.: "datagrid/" */
// define ("PEAR_DIR", "pear/"); /* Ex.: "datagrid/pear/" */
// require_once(DATAGRID_DIR.'datagrid.class.php');
// require_once(PEAR_DIR.'PEAR.php');
// require_once(PEAR_DIR.'DB.php');

Step 5.

Rename code_template.php file according to your needs.

Congradulations, you now have PHP DataGrid v.4.0.0. Installed!


Jason said...

Hey, I cant wait for v4.0.. when will it be ready?

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Sidney said...

this is way too cool ... i wish you have a version for Oracle

Anonymous said...

This looks really cool, but i downloaded it and couldn't make it work following the install instructions. =(