Saturday, June 30, 2007

BETA version 4.1.6 of PHP DataGrid

The BETA version 4.1.6 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

Main additions, changes and bugs fixed in this version you can read about in our forum.

I've started to rewrite current "Installation" & "Step by Step" guides in the Wiki format. If you want to help me and other peoples, you are welcome to translate this page in other languages.

Main additions and improvements:
Feature: [added] new type "linktoedit" for view mode
Feature: [added] display order of columns defined by user, not by order in SELECT SQL
Feature: [added] new parameter "unique" for columns in edit mode
Feature: [added] new parameters for type texarea: "rows"=>"7" and "cols"=>"50"

Feature: [improved] method getRequestVars() renamed in getVariable()
Feature: [improved] downloading of export files
Feature: [improved] detecting filed properties while auto code generation
Feature: [improved] selecting and highlighting rows
Feature: [improved] removed unnecessary sql statments on updating/deleting

Bug: [Fixed] small bug in setModes() function
Bug: [Fixed] strtolower() small bug in some place
Bug: [Fixed] wrong URL after the click on 'Reset' button
Bug: [Fixed] missing WHERE in SQL SELECT error
Bug: [Fixed] LCASE error for Oracle and MSSQL
Bug: [Fixed] canceling of row highlighting, with click on delete button in IE
Bug: [Fixed] wrong syntax with NUMROWS processing for Oracle
Bug: [Fixed] syntax error in setSqlByDbType() and setSqlLimitByDbType()
Bug: [Fixed] FireFox error on carrying out multirow operations and pagging (&)
Bug: [Fixed] empty data error on required numeric fileds while updating
Bug: [Fixed] error on deleting last row from the last page


You can get and test it NOW!!!.

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Franklin said...

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I right now have user's account in the wiki.

I will help in the translation the Spanish language,

You can try the phpbuider in the following URL:

Thank :)