Saturday, January 12, 2008

The new version 4.2.3 of PHP DataGrid - more faster and safer!

The new version 4.2.3 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

There are some changes in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

Main additions and improvements:

//1. * Feature: [added] new option in debug mode: running time of the script
//2. * Feature: [added] simple primary key preliminary
//3. * Feature: [added] added new required filed type "u" - URL
//4. * Feature: [added] added new language - Arabic (ar)
// // provided by: Abdelmonim Osman
//5. * Feature: [added] new property in enum and foreign fields: "radiobuttons_alignment"=>"horizontal|vertical"
//6. * Feature: [added] new field type "validator" with attribute "for_field"=>""
//7. * Feature: [added] new field attribute (not documented)
// "pre_addition" and "post_addition" in view mode for labels and in add/edit/details modes for textboxes
//8. * Feature: [added] new field attribute (not documented): "autocomplete"=>"on|off"
//9. * Feature: [added] securityCheck() method to prevent hack attacks

//1. = Feature: [improved] german language file
//2. = Feature: [improved] debug mode: added POST and GET data displayed.
//3. = Feature: [improved] detecting error in setAutoColumnsInView/EditMode
//4. = Feature: [improved] refreh button shown only if there is a filtering allowed
//5. = Feature: [improved] reducing datagrid script running time by changing one stupid SQL SELECT statement
//6. = Feature: [improved] parameter "field_name" for foreign keys may accept values like: "field_name as my_field_name"
// // provided by: Franklin Calle Zapata (

//1. # Bug: [fixed] wrong field attribute syntax: "operator" instead of "show_operator"
//2. # Bug: [fixed] wrong comparison in drawRadioButtons() method
//3. # Bug: [fixed] wrong comparison in drawDropDownList() method
//4. # Bug: [fixed] wrong predefined css_class in writeCssClass() method()
//5. # Bug: [fixed] wrong error and warnings displaying
//6. # Bug: [fixed] wrong order in $fill_from_array for filter mode
//7. # Bug: [fixed] javascript error with resizable texareas
//8. # Bug: [fixed] javascript error with hiding loading images when two DataGrids on one page have a same prefix
//9. # Bug: [fixed] in displaying "enum" type in details mode
//10. # Bug: [fixed] permissions for uploaded filed in add/edit mode (added 0644)
//11 # Bug: [fixed] wrong selection of option in ddl for foreign key in add mode
//12. # Bug: [fixed] with CR & LF signs in floating tooltips
//14. # Bug: [fixed] double parameter in URL: "selSearchType"
//15. # Bug: [fixed] in urlencoding while search
//16. # Bug: [fixed] if sql statment was containing sign of new row
//15. # Bug: [fixed] pagination error for MSSQL in setSqlByDbType() method
//16. # Bug: [fixed] in GROUP BY clause for SELECT SQL statements


To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.


fcallez said...

ThE datagrid is very fast. This is itself making good.


Anonymous said...

I can't access the installation instructions, the whole wiki seems to be down... maybe you guys should take a look.