Saturday, May 16, 2009

New version 5.0.6 of PHP DataGrid

The new version 5.0.6 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

There are some changes in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

The main additions and improvements:

• Feature: [added] new parameter $export_all in AllowExporting() method, that allows exporting of all records
• Feature: [added] new non-documented property - allowRealEscape
• Feature: [added] new attribute in filtering fields: "filter_condition"=>"", that allows defining of additional conditions on filtering field

• Feature: [improved] added warning message on wrong field names in View mode
• Feature: [improved] vertical alignment of fields headers for columnar layout in edit mode
• Feature: [improved] UpdateRow() method - added handler of empty numeric fields
• Feature: [improved] predefined field "delimiter_1|2|3", from now it is possible to use this field several times.
• Feature: [improved] added new date format in filtering - "date_format"=>"datetime"
• Feature: [improved] number displaying in SetSummarizeNumberFormat() method

• Many bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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maha said...

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