Saturday, June 20, 2009

New version 5.0.7 of PHP DataGrid

The new version 5.0.7 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.There are some changes in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

This version requires full re-installation, if you work with one of previous versions.

Here the main additions and improvements:

• Feature: [added] new type of css class "empty"
• Feature: [added] new type field type: "money" for fields in Add/Edit/Details Mode
• Feature: [added] new field attribute: "sign_place" for field type "money"
• Feature: [added] new field attribute: "show_seconds" for field type "datetime"
• Feature: [added] new field type: BLOB
• Feature: [added] new non-documented method SetFilteringTabularLayoutColumns, that allows to define number of colums in filtering for Tabular Layout

• Feature: [improved] translation in french [provided by captainjlp]
• Feature: [improved] re-done "magnify_type" attribute for image field types; now there 3 types: popup, magnifier or lightbox.
• Feature: [improved] jQuery library upgraded to v1.3.2
• Feature: [improved] added error handler on drawing of filtering fields
• Feature: [improved] warnings and errors messages are displaying at the bottom of the page
• Feature: [improved] added new date_type - time for calendar fields in filtering
• Feature: [improved] part of methods were located in class Helper (helper.class.php)
• Feature: [improved] simplified datagrid class call - require_once('datagrid.class.php');
• Feature: [improved] displaying "barchart" fields
• Feature: [improved] all css definitions (css files, images etc.) placed in one folder: styles/css_style__name/

• Bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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