Saturday, August 29, 2009

New version 6.0.2 of PHP DataGrid

The new version 6.0.2 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here. The new version 6.0.2 of PHP DataGrid is available now for downloading. There are many bugs fixed and also some new additions and improvements. This version requires full re-installation, if you work with one of previous. Read carefully Getting Started.

Here the main additions and improvements:

• Feature: [added] added non-documented property weekStartingtDay, that defines first day for week in floating calendar (suggested by Andrea Venturini)

• Feature: [improved] minor changes in language files
• Feature: [improved] added possibility to use {0},{1} replacements in "on_js_event"=>"" for "link" fields in Veiw Mode
• Feature: [improved] added non-documented field type "data" for Veiw Mode fields, that displays field data as a text, without HTML formatting
• Bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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maha said...

the links are very useful with the screen shots...

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