Thursday, July 14, 2011

New version 3.1.2 of ApPHP EasyInstaller was released

The new version 3.1.2 of PHP EasyInstaller is available for downloading from here. There are many new features were added and improved in this version. Read carefully Getting Started.

There are some important changes and additions in this version:

* Feature: [added] possibility to pre-check the Session Support on install.php page
* Feature: [added] possibility to define collecting info for magic quotes and mail settings
* Feature: [added] possibility to define minimum DB version required
* Feature: [added] possibility to create database during installation process
* Feature: [added] possibility to define port in host connection, like: host:port
* Feature: [added] multi-database support with using the PDO extension
* Feature: [added] translation for javascript messages and errors
* Feature: [added] possibility to select language while installation process
* Feature: [added] new language - German

* Feature: [improved] minor changes in tooltips for fields
* Feature: [improved] css styles, added rounded corners for textboxes and DIVs (in FireFox and Chrome)
* Feature: [improved] language translations for EN and ES
* Feature: [improved] SQL dump parser function
* Bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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