Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New version 3.5.1 of ApPHP AdminPanel

The new version 3.5.1 of PHP AdminPanel Pro is available now for downloading. There are many new improvements and new features. This version requires fresh installation and update installation. All recent changes can be viewed here.

Check here our Tour and Screenshots!

And new DataGrid Pages Wizard Online DEMO

The Features:
• Feature: [added] possibility to send mail via SMTP server General -> Panel Settings -> Mail Settings
• Feature: [added] filtering section for management of static, dynamic and datagrid pages
• Feature: [added] possibility to view news with public access: public/news.php
• Feature: [added] possibility to export admins and users in csv, xml anf pdf
• Feature: [added] statistics redone as a module
• Feature: [added] possibility to define access rights for users to dynamic pages
• Feature: [added] possibility to edit template for public pages via public/templates/
• Feature: [added] new module - Calendar
• Feature: [added] new page type - "link"
• Feature: [added] possibility to admin/user to select a preferred language for panel
• Feature: [improved] mail component replaced with PHPMailer v5.2
• Feature: [improved] showing admin panel for right-to-left languages
• Feature: [improved] session expired alert function - added beep sound for IE
• Feature: [improved] translation for all languages
• Feature: [improved] left menu bar drawing procedures
• Feature: [improved] forgot password - added possibility to select user type
• Feature: [improved] minor optimizations for DataGrid Wizard
• Feature: [improved] session expired procedure, now with modal popup window
• Feature: [improved] optimized mass mail procedure
• Feature: [improved] system log procedure - added saving of error file name
• Bugs fixed
• etc.

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download latest version click here.

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