Monday, July 09, 2012

The new version 3.0.2 of ApPHP TreeMenu has been released.

The new version 3.0.2 of ApPHP TreeMenu is available now for downloading. There are some new additions and improvements in this version.

The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. Tree menu is one of the most popular and commonly used navigation controls and it allows you to set up and use in no time.

Here the last additions and improvements:

* Feature: [added] animation effects when nodes appear/disappear
* Feature: [added] possibility to specify which of the sub-nodes will be selected
when you click on the given node
* Feature: [added] possibility to sort sub-nodes by name
* Feature: [added] 'expand all' and 'collapse all' buttons
* Improvement: [improved] security increased
* Bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

Code example: here.


techzarinfo said...

I really appreciate for sharing this post expecting more information form your blog.PHP Web DeveloperThanks.

Lia @ php web programmer said...

This is mostly I've been looking for and I know it will be a big help to improve PHP. Thanks for posting this information.:)