Sunday, November 18, 2012

The new version 2.1.1 of ApPHP Medical Appointment script has been released

The new version 2.1.1 of ApPHP Medical Appointment script is available now for downloading. There are some bugs fixed and many new additions and improvements.

ApPHP Medical Appointment is a Clinic management, doctor and therapist online medical appointment scheduling system for the management of health care appointments.

Here the main additions and improvements:
Version 2.1.1
  • Feature: [added] Doctors Login feature
  • Feature: [added] Doctors Registration feature
  • Feature: [added] alert message for doctors and admins about appointments awaiting approval
  • Feature: [added] SEO links for doctor profile pages
  • Feature: [added] possibility for doctor to edit specialities, addresses and other profile info
  • Feature: [added] possibility to define multiple addresses for Doctors
  • Feature: [added] new module - Google Maps
  • Feature: [added] possibility to view doctor or patient profile in popup window from appointments page
  • Feature: [added] new module - Reminders that allows to send email reminders to patients and doctors
  • Feature: [improved] Possibility to admin to configure Doctors Module settings
  • Feature: [improved] Banners Module - added possibility to use HTML tags in banner text
  • Feature: [improved] Appointments module - added possibility to send notification to admin and/or doctor
  • Feature: [improved] Appointments module - canceled appointments are not shown in past for patients and doctors
  • Feature: [improved] possibility to search doctor by location/address
  • Feature: [improved] secure URL for appointment process
  • Feature: [improved] privacy and security of patient data
  • Bugs fixed
To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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