Thursday, January 31, 2013

The new version 3.7.0 of PHP AdminPanel Pro has been released

The new version 3.7.0 of PHP AdminPanel Pro has been released and available now for downloading. There are many new improvements and new features. This version has two possibilities: fresh installation or update from previous version.. All recent changes can be viewed here.

Check here our Tour and Screenshots!

Main additions and changes:
  • Feature: [added] possibility for admin to define public directory via General -> Panel Settings
  • Feature: [added] left panel save it's state (collapsed or expanded) after loggin in/out
  • Feature: [added] possibility for admin to allow users registration
  • Feature: [added] possibility for admin to use Captcha validation on users registration
  • Feature: [added] new email template and sending email on admin approval of user registration
  • Feature: [added] possibility to turn on/off session timeout audio alert
  • Feature: [added] possibility to define "target" attribute for link menu items
  • Feature: [added] possibility for admin to define a default page size for datagrid pages: General -> Panel Settings -> Visual Settings
  • Feature: [admin] added translations for Korean, Thai and Finnish languages
  • Feature: [admin] added possibility to clone admin records with access rights
  • Feature: [added] new fields for admins and users accounts: phone & photo (avatar)
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in installation module
  • Feature: [improved] added installation key for each installation of the script
  • Feature: [improved] Dutch translation. Special thanks to Thibaud Taudin Chabot
  • Feature: [improved] script security - blocked unauthorized access to tmp/ directory
  • Feature: [improved] blocked possibility for user to edit group field
  • Feature: [improved] possibility to define persistent PDO connection in database class
  • Feature: [improved] integration with DataGrid version 7.0.0 or higher
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in User Account Panel
  • Feature: [improved] user access rights - added possibility to view datagrid pages
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in session expired checker
  • Feature: [improved] upgrading of Calendar module for newset versions
  • Bugs fixed

To view a Live Demo click here.

To download latest version click here.

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