Friday, August 31, 2007

BETA version 4.1.8 of PHP DataGrid

The BETA version 4.1.8 of PHP DataGrid is available for downloading from here.

Main additions, changes and bugs fixed in this version you can read about in our forum.

Main additions and improvements:

* Feature: [added] new option (not documented): hide grid before serach
* Feature: [added] new parameter: "unique_condition" in add/edit modes
* Feature: [improved] uploading files
* Feature: [improved] ability to use virtual fields in "field_name" parameter for foreign keys ex.: "field_name"=>"CONCAT(name1, ', ', name2) as name3"

* Feature: [improved] added maxlength properties for textarea type
* Feature: [improved] removed updating readonly fields
* Feature: [improved] including javasript files
* Feature: [improved] language file
* Feature: [improved] getVariable method()

# Bug: [Fixed] missing unique prefix for onSubmitMyCheck
# Bug: [Fixed] language including error after search
# Bug: [Fixed] with & (added new data member - $amp)
# Bug: [Fixed] checking of current mode in noDataFound() method
# Bug: [Fixed] in bottom paging turning off
# Bug: [Fixed] showing calendar in add/edit modes when field is readonly
# Bug: [Fixed] the $directory wasn't added to the creation of export.csv and export.xml
# Bug: [Fixed] saves data between pade reloads, while uploading files in add/edit modes


You can get and test it NOW!!!.

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