Thursday, November 28, 2013

The new version 4.2.9 of ApPHP Hotel Site script has been released

The new version 4.2.9 of ApPHP Hotel Site script has been released is available now for
downloading. There are some bugs fixed and many new additions and improvements, including new paid template.

ApPHP Hotel Site is a powerful hotel management and online booking/reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats or guesthouse. Our hotel reservation system allows you to start online reservation and customer management in minutes. It has been specially designed to simplify the task of hotel booking online.

Here the main additions and improvements in the last version:
  • Feature: [added] new type of booking status "Pending"
  • Feature: [added] new settings for Rooms module - "Check Partially Overlapping". Special thanks to our member "juliodiz"
  • Feature: [added] new type of privileges for admins and hotel owners: cancel, delete or edit bookings
  • Feature: [added] commission calculator for hotel owners/agents
  • Feature: [added] new email template for changing reservation status
  • Feature: [added] new module Hotels Rating
  • Feature: [added] new type of widget integration with top placement
  • Feature: [added] dependent sub-locations table and implementation for required pages
  • Feature: [added] new placeholder for pages {module:hotels}
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes on room description page
  • Feature: [improved] Bookings Reports
  • Feature: [improved] hotel locations and names dropdown boxes now related with AJAX auto-fill feature
  • Feature: [improved] openWYSIWYG editor removed from the project, added new upload plugin to TinyMCE editor
  • Feature: [improved] invoices data: added more info about customer, booking etc.
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in sending PDF invoice
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in check of Booking Status procedure
  • Feature: [improved] term "Guest" replaced with "Extra Bed"
  • Feature: [improved] search results for rooms, added more information and small icon
  • Feature: [improved] removed some deprecated functions that not supported by PHP 5.3
  • Feature: [improved] encoding of credit card data for "online" booking type
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in booking emails
  • Feature: [improved] minor changes in News module
  • Bugs fixed 
To view a Live Demo click here.

To download new version click here.

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