Thursday, January 09, 2014

New feature added to our site: Mini-Courses for our major scripts.

We've added new feature to the site: mini-courses for our major scripts. Currently it's available for ApPHP DataGrid only, but some other courses will be added soon.

We offer you 7-day Mini-Course for ApPHP DataGrid created by our team. This course (emailed right to your inbox) should take you approximately 15 minutes of reading and exercise a day and consists of seven lessons, where each of them includes full code samples, images, links to live demo examples etc.

Why to subscribe to this mini-course?

  • You get well-described examples for all main features of the DataGrid!
  • Screenshots and Live Demo examples included!
  • No longer need to spend hours for reading forum and other documentation!
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced programmers.
  • Fast subscription - start with the first lesson within a few minutes.
  • Benefits for subscribers
  • and much more.
Enjoy with this courses!
To subscribe to this mini-course, click: Subscribe For FREE!

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